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Plant Factory (Indoor farming)

Plant factory is a high performance vegetable production system. You can produce high quality vegetables without using agricultural chemical (i.e. pesticide, herbicide etc.). We can provide medium to large sized plant factory according to users request.

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Experimental Plant Growth System

ESPEC MIC Corp. has large market share of experimental plant growth system in Japan. Our facilities (i.e. Phytotron, Growth chamber) are used in universities, national laboratories etc., and have earned high trust from them.

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Environment Monitoring System

We have provided high quality environment monitoring sensor and system for experiment to production scale. You can collect and monitor the temperature, humidity, light conditions, CO2 concentration etc. in your facilities.

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Contribute to society by creating a "Real" nature environment

Environment greening business

  • Forest greening business
  • Waterside greening business
  • Sales of landscape materials
  • Planning and support of environment research events

Environment monitoring business

  • Plant production system business
  • Plant factory business
  • Sales of agricultural and horticultural materials
  • Sales of environment monitoring system
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